Hello, world! The CS50 AP Educator Workshop is for middle school and high school teachers who would like to teach CS50 (aka CS50 AP) in their own classrooms. The workshop provides teachers with an overview of CS50's curricular resources and tools. And also enables teachers to connect with and stay in touch with fellow teachers around the world.

Ordinarily, the workshop is held at Harvard University, but this year's workshop is instead online via Zoom.

The CS50 AP Educator Workshop is followed by the CS50x Educator Workshop, which is for a broader audience of teachers. You are welcome to attend its sessions as well, particularly if unable to attend one or more sessions of the CS50 AP Educator Workshop.


Before attending any sessions, be sure to install Zoom at https://cs50.zoom.us/download (if you don't have it already) and test your connection at https://cs50.zoom.us/test. Or, if your internet connection isn't fast enough for video, you can plan to attend by phone by calling one of these numbers, https://cs50.zoom.us/u/ab1WpXZ9R7.


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And email CS50's team at [email protected]!

Notes and Links

Some teacher-contributed notes and links from the workshop's sessions, thanks to Meghan Jacquot. Please feel free to contribute your own!



To attend any of the sessions below, click its Zoom link, register as prompted, and follow the on-screen (or emailed) instructions to connect!

If unable to attend one or more of the sessions below, see the first week of the CS50x Educator Workshop's schedule for alternatives.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Teaching CS50 AP: An overview of curricular resources